Gearing IT Entrepreneurship and Whip Up Profits in the Internet Age

The industry that currently shows top profits worldwide is the software sector currently in vogue as the Information Technology, besides of course the entertainment and media industry and a few sports. These sectors are common in that they require great people who are self motivated, excited and very passionate about their projects. This attributes are of much value because these sentiments are generated from with in. And either the ignition is there or it is simply not there. External forces are, most of the times, of not much value in fueling the passion to succeed in these sectors. People from weird backgrounds are seen making big buck just for their sheer passion to succeed. And mind you succeed not just for money or fame but for the kick that its execution provides! The innovation and creativity called in for the work content becomes akin to their child and love in rearing up its growth and development becomes a source of perpetual joy.

Information Technology is a domain where India has proved to be a software doyen and very much in the first row of equals. India is a strong IT base for it is a hub of talented university studied technical graduates who actually have the passion to work and stay ahead in pace with the revolution that IT is generating worldwide. They are eager to stand in the line with the global biggies in the IT for they are co-share the vision of IT gurus spread else where in the globe. They are sure that the IT sector has the capacity to do much better than what other wise could have been executed offline. Things like admissions in various educational institutes, employment, shopping, and information exchange can be conducted in a much better way online sitting any where in the planet. All you need is the internet connection. You can avail of a product or a service from the USA sitting in India thanks to i-shopping and a convenient payment module.

I-Shopping basks rosy future

o E-Commerce will self-network extensively once people any where in the world get hooked up to the internet, it is hard that they will be able to free themselves from its grip considering the innovative and make life easy features that internet has the capacity to provide.

o IT is a knowledge industry. Superior technology and wonderful people who are passionate about the project are the key ingredients to run the show.

o The head of the business should be able to dispel his vision to his players who should be well equipped to self-delegate themselves whilst playing in the team.

o Once people come online, they have access to new products and services which they could not have been aware of otherwise. Gradually they experience the viability of i-shopping when they apprehensively order products and services online; and soon it becomes a trend. Once the trend of online business gears up online advertising is not far. In this way an effective internet networking among the various market players comes into force.

Where does the Business Lay

o Internet with its efficient global networking has immense potential in mobilizing local as well as global sales/marketing and advertisement. Jeremy Stoppelman, the young CEO of Yelp made great money from the now very popular PayPal that made money transfers and payments for online shopping via the internet extremely simplified. It is any time better facilitator of i-business and e-commerce than making payments through cumbersome methods of payments through the cheques, demand drafts and money orders.

Plan of Action

o Conducting an objective online market analysis of products and services that have the potential for greater exploration and use in future. Entrepreneur can hire the services of a market analysis firm to serve the intention more purposefully.

o Tune in and integrate up coming customer based web-technologies that are interactive and user-friendly into your value added products and services target website. Technologies like the Web 2.0 that confirm to the W3C understand the value of sharing and contributions from the end users.

o Interactive and user friendly features imbued with Web 2.0 such as the massage boards, weblogs help analyze business better. The creative ideas brewing in the mind of the general public helps to tune business strategy as per the needs and requirements of the customer. Social networking helps catch the idea which can be converted into business. Data gotten is presumed to be his need and customized as per his desire to get superior grade product and services. To be able to capture the right idea and settling it profitability into business product and services so that the customer gets what was once in his mind is what is called business acumen.

o Attractive and catchy online advertisement bustling with varied emotions and caption lines that are able to cast an impact in the psyche of the customer so that he voluntarily opts to agree with it. The major advantage with online advertisement is their reasonable costing. Besides online advertisement means sooner or later it will convert into i-shopping either out of curiosity, need or ingenuinity.

o Online advertisement also includes undertaking seo (search engine optimization) actively so that your website is on top rankings in the major search engines. Higher the page rank of the website means greater traffic. It is a meaningful indicator of the fact that browsers find returning to or coming to the website worth while. This also a sign of greater chances of the products and services of the website translating into business.

o Ensure blending your company name with the domain name. It pays if both are the same.

o The webmaster should be able to take care of different types of payment modes and ensure they are customer friendly. Many a time the customer is unable to translate business because of the inconvenient mode of payment.

I-Shopping/e-commerce has enabled shrinking of global boundaries. It means going global whilst sitting in the comfortable confines of your home any where in the planet.


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